Wednesday, June 25, 2014

= A really crap day.
Giornataccia :(
Last night as I was flossing my teeth, I realized that I had dark spots all over my gums. I dreamt about them. I woke up depressed. I went to an emergency appointment at the dentist.

But wait. First F told me that the city plumber people who are called G.E.A.L were working outside our house and that they wanted to have access to turn off our water for twenty minutes. I told him that I didn't trust them and not to let them go away without checking that we had water. He brought them into the house where they told me that now that they had done their job and left me with no water their job was done. I blockaded the door and called the building owner. His son told me that the water valve was where the television used to be. Fantastic. I have no idea where they kept their television five years ago. I called the plumber. He said he would call and talk to the owner and then come by and see if he could take whatever filth G.E.A.L allowed to come up into our plumbing out so we could have water again.

I had to leave to go to the dentist so we left T with instructions and money, but while I was waiting for the dentist she called to say the water was back on so I had to call back the plumber who now hates me. I think he hated me before, but now he hates me more. I always pray that I never have to bother him again. Anyway, we went to the car. On the way to the car I called my doctor friend because I knew that I was going to need blood tests and I don't know the procedure for how to get them. She yelled at me to calm down. With love. Usually I find this Italian mannerism rather charming, but not today. I noticed during our phone conversation that I was following F around in circles. I was just about to ask why he had chosen this particular moment to engage me in a spirited game of duck, duck, goose! when he explained that our car had been towed away for no explicable reason. We borrowed his student's car and went to the dentist.

When we got home we realized that the expensive computer batteries we ordered had been delivered. The important one we need for T's dying battery is the wrong size.

My dentist has a brother who is an endocrinolygist in Florence. She took pictures of my mouth and offered to send him the photos and to send this important professor who wrote a book on mouth diseases the photo. She also offered to call my family doctor to persuade him to prescribe the blood tests for me because, as she explained, if I went to the family doctor with a list of tests recommended by an American doctor, he would be mortally offended and unhelpful.

My only joy today has been watching the inmates on Orange is the New Black who seem to take their misfortune in better stride than I do even though they are in prison and don't have working toilets.

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