Monday, June 02, 2014

Home improvements
When you get addicted to Pinterest, even the most uncrafty people, like me, find themselves elbow deep in metallic paint. I wan't sure about the broad striped, turquoise and gray pillow cases that we picked up at Ikea the other day. The stripes read as a little too circus tent for my taste. So F, a hero among men, made me a stencil. Insert applause here.

The credit for the project idea goes to a fabulous Pinterest pinner who has a blog about decorating Indian style called India pied-à-terre.

I loved her ideas about using saris as curtains and how to add color and spice to your home. Then I diligently sat there and filled in every single flower leaf for what seemed like forever until this happened:

And ta dah! A really nice window seat in the kitchen.

Crossing that off my bucket list, as we speak . . . done!

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