Sunday, June 29, 2014

Festivities & Furniture/Feste e Mobili
So, we made this for my student Tommaso's mother and auntie and his girlfriend Sylvia's auntie when they came to dinner:

Photos from

But F's version looked identical to this and it was a huge hit with our guests!
 Tommaso's family are the ones who sold us our NEW COUCH:

I LOVE it.

The kids wanted their own party so the next night we did this:

We made vegetable sushi, summer rolls, bread and tapenade and lemon souffles baked in the lemon peels.

I love my students so much.

This is Tommaso and Silvia on his birthday having their first taste of S'mores birthday cake which is chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownie, and marshmallow filling smothered in chocolate.

Silvia is gorgeous. Get over it.
They totally freaked out over it.


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