Monday, May 19, 2014

F's Birthday: the BIG 5 OH
Party Theme: things that looks like cakes, but aren't. I don't know why.

We got him a guitar that he is really excited about. T and I also got a pack of cards, extracted the jokers and put stickers on them. Then we wrote 50 things that we love about F and started handing themto him last night every time we see him. We wrote things like, "You are a renaissance man; you take such good care of us; you are so, so patient (except with customer service people); and, you are really good at being tall!" Tonight it will all culminate with us playing canasta and eating the veggie meatballs that we forgot to serve at the party.
Seven omlettes piled high to look like a cake!
Three layers of bread, stuffed with roasted veggies and covered with cheese!

Japanese vegetable sandwiches?

F got a chef's hat that says 5 stars on it in Italian.

That's me thinking on the far right thinking about how totally lucky I am to have married the perfect person for me. He has promised to live to be at least 101.

No one ever leaves are kitchen. (I really want to get new livingroom furniture.)

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