Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chain of Fools
Chain store, that is. Yesterday afternoon, even F caught the shopping bug and so we decided to drive to Prato so that I could finally go to the promised catalogue land of Maison du Monde which is supposed to be a fancier Ikea. I love that catalogue so much. I have spent hours and hours pouring over it. And I have particularly coveted the "ethnic" section of furniture with the colorful wooden pieces and buddha art that is known to be my weakness. All I can tell you is that sitting there in that land of miniature, poorly stapled together, furniture, it seemed like every couch, chair, and loveseat was made for designing the mansions of eight year olds whose taste tends toward Hollywood or Bollywood glamour style budoirs. Obviously they are not lying about the dimensions, but the furniture is so low to the ground in real life that when seated F's knees pointed up like little arrows towards the ceiling. Suffice it to say: we left empty handed.

F sitting in a chair not in the children's department.

This is supposed to be a couch?

It looked so nice in catalog world.

Here's some random one star review I found online.
After the satisfying lifting of the Wizard-of-Oz style curtain at Maison du Monde,  we went to Ikea where the furniture was uglier, but more comfortable. The dining room chairs we were considering at Tommaso's family store were so much better than the ones offered at Ikea. At a certain point I said to F, "Remember that we invited them all to dinner so they will have to sit in these bad boys." F's response was to kick the chair leg as he marched on towards the linens. At least at Ikea we came away with our 15 items or less of linens, spatulas, a pan and three 3 euro pillows.

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