Monday, May 19, 2014

And so on
I had promised T a Ferris Bueller's day off pass with which she could skip a day of school once a year after she started high school. Unfortunately, none of her friends, or her friends' mothers, had the same spirit of adventure so she opted to stay home and study extra. Okay, it was a day when she would have skipped two of her last difficult quizzes in Latin and Greek, but it is not like she hasn't broken her back studying hours and hours every day and we can be furbi/clever too. Nobody wants her to be rimandata and have to take extra exams in September because knowing T, that would cause her to stress out all summer. However, it turned out that her Latin professor was absent that day so it was only half a reprieve at any rate, which is probably fair. The next eleven days are filled with verifiche/quizzes that will determine her final grades and so the count down has begun.

The day before F's 50th birthday party we had a small melt down in communication that necessitated our staying up past midnight cutting vegetables, but we have seen darker days, and, in the end, we had to laugh about it.

I was stressed out all week because in my tireless internet research to find a cure for whatever hormonal imbalance continues to cause my cystic acne and general inflammation everywhere, I finally found something that gave me a glimmer of hope. It has a scientific basis and lots of anectdotal support, at least 400 accounts that I read. At first my naturopata/naturopath said I couldn't take it, and I was crushed, but then it turns out that I can if I take a vitamin with it. Of course, the supplement known as diindolylmethane or DIM doesn't exist in Italy so I had to order it from, and it has not arrived as of yet. It is something found in cruciferous vegetables, but that you can't get enough of in your diet and which reduces the level of "bad" xenoestrogens that are causing the problem in the first place. It also has been shown to be a tremendous help with menopause and fighting breast and other cancers. Fingers crossed; I can't keep feeling miserable for almost two weeks a month indefinitely - it is such a waste.
 As far as preparations for F's birthday, we took our inspiration from Pinterest where I decided that we could eat lots of things that look like cakes, but are not actually cakes. Hold on, I feel a new post coming on . . .

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