Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update
We were invited to an aperitivo at the Zazzi store by Vladimiro and Massimo. Massimo is very happy with the results of the bioenergy treatments I did for him and he has even told his friends about me. We met this one American woman who comes here for half the year. There is something kind of compelling about her. She said horrible things about American tourists and I thought that was fair because we are both American and we can make fun of ourselves, but then she said even more horrible things about British tourists. I wish I had disagreed out loud with her, and I am now thinking of what I should have said, but instead I kind of nodded along. Ah well, next time. The artist whose painting you will see in the window which was the basis for the print on the scarf didn't seem to really like F and me that much. I'm not sure what we said or didn't say that did us in. His wife was more friendly. I really was digging her red hair and purple flower earrings. As we were leaving I made this joke I used to always say at my favorite stores in Brooklyn about how I am at the store so much that they will make me pay rent there soon. I realized after we got home that the way I phrased it in Italian made it seem like I said that I was such a great patron of the store that my sales alone were paying the rent for the store. This is what happens to me all the time still. It's not just that I still make mistakes everyday it is that there is a time delay in my figuring out what I said wrong and why people are looking at me like they know how weird I am. When the truth is they have only scratched the surface. Sigh.

The lady with the red hair is the artist's wife. She was delightful.
The guy on the left is the artist. We said something wrong and now we long for yesterday, to quote the Beatles.
We scared the crap out of this guy when he found out we were English teachers. We practically come with our own creepy soundtrack. I'm going to start saying that I work at a paper mill.
I took prosecco from the guy in the white jacket, but since there was no toast I didn't drink it. He knew.

It is still a cool painting, though.

F tried to make me gluten free pizza. It turned out like having savory pizza toppings on a sweet mushy muffin. He is adorable. I hope he never makes that again. Gluten free pasta, on the other hand, is not bad at all.

We sealed the deal with our apartment exchange people in New York. We are going to spend a week at the end of July and then go to Colorado to visit our friends there.

I am already freaking out about fixing up the house and travel arrangements. Give me four more months, it will get worse.
 If you want to meet the cutest Italian children ever to grace the planet, you just have to get a load of the finalists for Masterchef Junior Italia. The girl won and the kids hugged each other. During the final battle she reminded him to take his pasta out of the freezer because she wanted to win a clean fight. He has a cooking blog. They were freaking adorable.

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