Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Godfather, gelato, and allergens
 . . these are the things that make you think of Spring in Italy.

I just have to share with you that making an appearance on the second puntata of the AMICI talent show is . . . (drum roll please) . . .

Robert De Niro!
 I repeat: How are they getting these VIP stars to come to Italy to judge this reality talent show? No one, young or old, that I know here admits to watching this show other than me. I want to know every single Italian luxury vacation swag and perk that you get for judging this show. It makes no sense.

This week marked a full eight weeks without sugar. I celebrated with salted caramel gelato from GROM. It was heavenly. Now, I am going to let myself have a gelato once a week. I think it's worth it for me to stay sugar free in general, even though it hasn't cleared my skin any. I feel un-poisoned somehow. This week I am going to try to be gluten free just as an experiment to see how it makes me feel. I am pretty sure that the gluten free thing for people who don't have a wheat allergy is just a fashionable trend that will pass and doesn't have much basis in science. That said, there are so many articles circulating about how important it is for people with a history of thyroid problems that I figure a week won't kill me.

F scared me to death by taking off his shirt. He was covered with red bumps all over his torso and back, under his arms, his neck,  and down to his forearms. I did the worst thing you can do and tried to identify what it was from photos on the internet. I am pretty sure this cost me five years of my life. Is it scabies? Is it mono? Is it eighteen things I can't pronounce? It was terrifying. Finally, I convinced him to go to the doctor who told him that it was not virus related. Our family doctor gave him a ticket to see the dermatologist at the hospital where it was determined to be an allergic reaction to something undisclosed. He is taking benadryl at night and seems unphased by the whole thing. I hope it fades like a bad April Fool's Day joke and fast.

Meanwhile, it is raining poplar puffs again which is the one thing apart from olive trees that make my eyes swell shut. When I reading Under the Tuscan Sun and that entire genre of expat adventure books before the move, I had no idea that if we moved here I would spend the part of the year when I don't have a cold, and when it is not raining, coughing my face off because of plants. Good thing we live in the city and didn't do that whole rennovate a house in the hills thing. F was quick to remind me not only that I can't drive and hate insects and animal noises and working outside, but that the only thing I like about being in the country is having lunch on a veranda before getting driven back to civilization. Good call, dear.

Unless you are T. Or her friend Natasha.
Meanwhile, T keeps fighting the good fight in trying to get through her tons of homework. She has found the perfect afterschool activity for herself: yoga. In fact, T is now so good at yoga that she can do some weird thing where you put your palms on the floor and lift you feet so that your knees are resting inside your elbows. Or so she says.

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