Sunday, April 06, 2014

Satisfaction guaranteed
 I am robbing this photo from a FB friend who captured the images of her daughter stamping in Tuscany's version of spring snow. (I'm sure she won't mind.) I am risking it to show just how much poplar fluff has accumulated in the streets here. My eyes are swollen shut from the seemingly delightful stuff and one of my ears is completely clogged. Darn you, fluff!

I taught possibly the most fun lesson that I will ever teach in English the other day. My students were that super adorable young couple named Silvia and Tomasso who speak English almost perfectly and are very advanced students. I had them come to our house where I found a summary of the pilot episode of Scandal. F made us  popcorn al parmagiano con peperoncino and they sat on either side of me with my laptop on my lap. They took turns reading the summary and then we watch the episode in pieces. I taught them the meaning of idiomatic expressions like "to hook up," " a blind date," and "smack dab in the middle." And in the end, I got paid for it. Thank you, Kerry Washington. It was the most fun EVER.

This was not us . . .
And this was not us . . .
but you get the idea.

On a super positive note, after four years of humiliating defeats, I finally got justice over the telephone while speaking Italian. Despite being put on hold for about nine minutes, I made the receptionist of the fancy hair salon pass the phone to the salesperson of the fancy hair salon pass the phone to the owner of the fancy hair salon. Then I made an argument as to why I deserved a refund for the hair dye I bought in advance that is now the wrong color for me and which was one of a series of a three huge errors that Elisa at Morena hair group made in terms of hair color application and client relations, and I won. In Italian! I have never won an argument over the phone in Italian which is why I have been called to meetings at tax investigation offices, why I cannot ever get a home repair technician to come over on the first try, and why I have gone to have coffee with several people of questionable moral character who turned out not to be worth the time of day. But this time, victory will be mine. I have to go there in person on Tuesday afternoon, but so far, things are looking up. 


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