Wednesday, April 09, 2014

CUTENESS overload
I think they must really waste a lot of time on stupid things in my middle school aged student Andrea's English class. They have only taught him about five verbs so far which makes it really hard for us to have a decent conversation. I have tried using flash cards and crossword puzzles. Over the past few weeks he has gotten better at memorizing my list of a dozen verbs and another dozen or so random nouns that are good to know. The one word that always stumps him is the verb capire which means to understand. Finally, last week he looked me in the eyes and said, "Doesn't that mean something about underwear?" Since I have this perpetual fear that things are not really happening and that I am actually hallucinating,  I had to ask him: "Did you just say underwear?" And he reluctantly told me that he had read a book. . . That's when it clicked! He must have read this book:

 In Italian it looks like this:

So now we both crack up evertime I show him the flash card because I say capire and he says I don't remember and then I say underpants and then he says now I understand. Total cuteness aside, I told him he better learn that word because the moment he says, I underpants English, people are going to come looking for me and that will be embarrassing for everyone involved.

In other cute news, I went to my new boss at the English school's gospel music concert. Her Italian choir group sang four songs and then an American group of mostly kids who were about T's age from Michigan sang a bunch of songs about Jesus, including some African American spirituals. They were really really good. My battery almost died during the concert, but before it did, I snapped you some photos. My boss had a sassy solo complete with hand clapping and shoulder shaking that was utterly adorable. Unfortunately, the kids were forced to sing This Little Light of Mine, but apart from that, the songs were uplifting and not too sappy. While everyone settled in for the first number, I was filling out my employee form and copying my banking information from text messages that F was sending me. I kept thinking I was going to get zapped by lightening or something, but it all worked out.

Since Lucca is a tiny little microcosm, I ended up sitting next to the nice bearded man who runs the edicola where I buy my American fashion magazines everys so often when I feel I deserve a treat. He mumbles a bit, but I am almost able to understand him now. Even when I can't, he is always really nice to me. I told you: C-U-T-E. His friend kept asking me what the Americans were saying and what the gospel means in English. I felt incredibly smart for once. These are my kind of events.
Everyone in the church was wearing black, including all the singers. I wore a sequined white bomber jacket and a white long sleeved cotton shirt that says Love on it in silver script. My friend asked me, not for nothing, if I was familiar with Sister Act and Whoopie Goldberg. The reference was not lost on me.
If you peer down at the microphone, that is my new boss lady.
Here are the cute indoctrinated children making their way to the altar.
Here is my friend the fashion magazine dealer. It is an expensive habit so it is important to have good connections, if you get my drift.

Here are the angelic faces of the chorus right before my ipod died.

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