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AMICI, part 5: Forget George Clooney, this is war.
We started the show again with the comedy act of Ezio Greggio and Enzina' (Enzo Iacchetti).
The only thing good about them is that they make Rudy Zerbi's head turn bright red:

To be fair, he was asked to tie her shoes . . .

Then the leaders of the white and blue teams had their remaining singers do a sing-off with famous guest stars.
Gigi D'Alessio and the white team vs. Umberto Zozzi and the blue team
The jury votes went down like this: Sabrina Ferilli voted blue because she appreciated how their voices are more different from one another and how they gave a new dimension to well-known songs; Luca Argentero voted white because he felt that they had bigger voices, and Gabry Ponte noticed that the blue team forgot their words at one point and gave the vote in the end to the white team which meant that they got the point. It was a big deal that he noticed because in the episodes behind the scenes Rudy Zerbi gave the kids a rough time about being unprepared and threatened to pull some of their routines.
Next blue team singer Giada killed an Elisa song and all of the jury were emotionally won over. The white team mentor Moreno put up an over the top dance number to the tune of Candy Man. Lorenzo received some criticism from his dance coach this week behind the scenes for his lack of facial expression, and rightfully so, in my humble opinion. In response, I have to give him credit for fully inhabiting this comedic character. 

Nevertheless, the point went to Giada.
You have to wonder if the presentation of the guest Judge of the program, is really just a way of presenting jury member Sabrina Ferilli with new men to goggle over. She seems overwhelmed by each new entry. In this case, many won't blame her, as the guest of the night is none other than Riccardo Scamarcio. (Yeah, yeah, I know you know I've never heard of him before.) But here he is then and now:

Rudy Zerbi's head got all red again when Riccardo entered, but to be fair, it's probably hot in there.
Next in a move that was risky, if not super weird, Moreno introduces himself with Debora singing Don't Cry For Me, Argentina interspersed with his rapping about the abilities of families in Italy during the financial crisis to pull together and make it through. Before it even begins, the leader of the blue team Miguel Bose' expresses his lack of faith in the exhibition. You should sing Don't cry for me, Italia, if anything, says the Panama born singer.

We don't know what the jury and our new hunky judge has to say for quite a while because, team leaders Moreno and Miguel have a big fussy fight about it all with Moreno saying that Miguel was prejudiced and wrong to give an opinion even before viewing the number. Miguel yelled over him and walked the length of the stage to look into his eyes. Moreno then warns him that these walks don't have any effect on him.

Miguel proposes the band Dear Jack with a heavily mispronounced version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door. All the judges must vote on their ipads, but first there is another argument between M & M, the team leaders with the hard candy shells and meltable, sweet insides.
Funnily enough, Miguel put up the dancer Vincenzo with his partner Giovanna with whom he had some arguments of his own behind the scene this week. At one point, he refused to practice with her and curled up under his blankets in a big, canoli-like, bundle. Ironically, they had to dance wearing a super long trench coat attached to one another by the tails. 

In this shot, you can see that some dancers are hanging from the ceiling by their coats.
Then Nick from the blue team sang Blue Suede Shoes and got everyone on both teams up on their feet and dancing, and he won the point.  
Paolo and Debora go on next with a spirited duet of She shook(e) me all night long against a romantic duet of Giada and Alessio singing something from Romeo & Juliet in both English and Italian. Romance won. Moreno quickly uses his save for Debora and between Paolo and white team dancer Lorenzo, it is Lorenzo who is chosen to be up for elimination at the end of the program.
 To lighten the mood a comedienne takes the stage. The first thing she does is ask Moreno if he has just got his period, and to calm down. I will not give forth to a feminist rant because I respect how difficult it is to be a stand up comic. That said, she proceded to approach the jury, completely avoiding Scamorzia for some reason, and asked them one at a time to give her their magic sex appeal, going so far as to convince Luca Argentero to touch her boobs in front of everyone. Then she went on at length about masturbation and finished up with an analysis of Snow White. 
My favorite dancer Giacomo was given another great piece of choreography in the form of Alice in Wonderland, but he was beaten by Debora singing Think by Aretha Franklin. She pronounced it Fink (about what you're tryin to do to me) and then sang a chorus where she shouted Treedom over and over again, but no one seemed to care, and she won the point.

Miguel singing a duet with Nick that he has done in the past with Ricky Martin called bambu was matched with the pasodoble of Vincenzo and his girlfriend Giovanna. This was the dance where they both injured each other physically and emotionally during rehearsals, but they won the match despite all of the pelvic rotations executed by their opponents.
 Miguel then decided to put up Alessio and his band singing with guest star Luca Carboni. And Moreno whose mamma didn't raise no fool put up Debora with singing sensation Giorgia. On this point, I may be a bit biased, I'll admit it. Gabry gave the point to the boys in blue, but I have to think he had personal reasons for doing so. 

The next to showcase his talents is Nick singing You are so Beautiful, mostly to jury member Sabrina Ferilli. I am going to go ahead and give him the point before hearing him sing because of the way he untied his ponytail and put his hand through his hair as he sat down on the stool in centerstage. Ten points, Nick. They should hire you for a Pantene commercial. Even Scamorcio said it was pazzesco.

Paolo sang Jim Morrison's Roadhouse Blues and when he ended the number crumpled on the stage floor, Nick ran over to pretend to resuscitate him.
Nick won himself the point.

Even Luca Argentero was surprised.
The last match is Debora who sang Danzeremo a luci spente against Alessio and his band Dear Jack. Miguel gave a copy of the lyrics to Domani e' un altro film to the whole judging panel before the song began with a lot of flair for brown-nosing. It worked, of course, and the blue team got the point. At the end of the second half, the teams were tied, but once all the tallies were counted, the white team came out ahead. All three blue team singers are nominated for elimination. Miguel saves Alessio, and GIada and Nick are left in front of the semaforo/traffic light. It will shine green on the photo of the contestant who will be saved. The loser will go against Lorenzo. Nick is miked so we can hear him making jokes the whole time to keep Giada smiling. He is making jokes about their hair in the photos and keeps making eye contact with her and making funny faces. He is a darling. They save Giada. Now it is just Nick versus Lorenzo. They have to give a final perfomance for the votes.

Lorenzo is helped by some stunning choreography to Bohemian Rhapsody in which he climbs on a structure painted to be a cityscape. Hands come out of the window holes and support his body while he dances. 

During the head banging part of the song, heads emerge from the windows and the whole dance core bob their heads up and down in time to the music.
 When the last line of the song - nothing really matters. .  rings out, the dancers arms emerge through the portals to suspend Lorenzo's body in a caress. Impressionante, raga'. But Nick counters with a short version of It's a man's world and he rasps that baby out. In the end, it's ciao-ciao Lorenzo. So now can we talk about the Clooney, engagement rumors . . .?

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