Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weird Tides of Spring

As you all know by now, when I lived in NY I always knew it was Spring not by the buds on the trees, but by the Cadbury chocolate egg commercial. Whenever they started showing that commercial, I knew it was time to change my closet over and start taking stock in hayfever remedies. It's not that I never got to the park, but sometimes I was too busy. Anyway, here in Lucca, it is much easier to tell that it's spring.

First of all, all around the world this year people are celebrating spring with the new Divergent book trilogy by Veronica Roth which is a total rip off of the Hunger Games, except better written and with a more interesting female protagonist.

  T and her friend Natasha started off spring with a simple Saturday shopping trip. We wanted T to pick up some chocolate covered espresso beans at the chocolate store for the dessert portion of tomorrow night's dinner party. She then decided to go to the stationary store called Marchi to get a little notebook for herself. At the cash register the girls noticed those little toy Easter chicks. They each bought one. Then they went to a little cafe to have a snack and name their chicks, which is not weird at all. That is when T noticed that her chick was deformed. It was missing a patch of fluff and one wing. They wanted to go get more chicks, but not at the same store. That would have been too embarrassing. They decided to go to the one euro store and were delighted to find not just a chick, but a line of chicks with a rooster -- more bang for your euro buck. Once outside and back on the walls, they realized that the chicks had no legs and that the whole family was nailed down to a wooden plank. They yanked and pulled the chicks off ending up with - you guessed it - more deformed chicks. Now being the gentle souls that they are they saved the deformed chicks and only got rid of the really wrecked ones who had been glued down by some sadistic Easter craftsperson. Since Natasha was the only one to have a healthy chick, T got first pick of the deformed chicks. I'm not kidding. She really did.

 If you are not laughing hysterically by now, you just don't get our sense of humor and I apologize. The girls were laughing so hard that they were starting to draw attention on the walls from people who thought they might me making fun of them. They managed to devise a plan in which they would return to the Marchi stationary store to get more chicks. There was more gelato eating in this story somewhere which just goes to show that T's allowance spending and snack eating behavior on Saturdays needs to be reigned in somewhat, but on with our story. The giggling girls tried to suck the laughter back in and were violently whispering in the attempt to devise a plan, but all they managed to do was arouse the suspiscion that they were some kind of chick loving shoplifters. They got to the cash register, but when T looked down at her palms filled with chicks she started doing the kind of laughing where tears come out of your eyeballs. They managed to get out of there without further mishap. I know you won't sleep at night if you don't know the name of the chicks so here goes nothing. T's little wingless wonder is named Scrawny McBaldy, the other two are Dandelion and Hedwig. Natasha's chicks are Puff Daddy and Tushy.

I have had a horrible cold since Wednesday morning. On Tuesday I worked out with Francesca and gave her a massage. On Wednesday she was sick and went to the doctor. On Thursday she came back and on Friday I was sicker and had to cancel. Today I was supposed to go to my student's hip hop show, but his mother never called me back to tell me how to get there. Tomorrow is the big dinner party and I am going to be awfully snuffly, which is always an attractive look.

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