Monday, March 31, 2014

Our get-to-know-you dinner

I am so sorry that we have no good photos of anything. People actually came on time and we were about to photograph the plates just as the buzzer rang. But the menu was perfect and F out did himself. Again.

This is what we served: Asparagus with lemon chutney. The lemon chutney is this great recipe that we stole from Jamie Oliver. It adds brightness to any vegetable dish. We had a horrible time getting the fresh eggs to peel after boiling them. It wasn't just me messing it up because even F had a hard time with them. The internet says to steam them for twenty minutes and then to put them in ice water, but the Italian eggs are super, super fresh and the shells really stick on. We were supposed to have really smooth boiled eggs to marinate in the soy sauce because when you slice them finely they are this gorgeous caramel color on the outside and then you have the ring of bright white and the yellow center. We managed to eek out once slice per plate and they still looked lovely. Next we had this creamy roasted garlic soup that was a buttery yellow color and decorated with roasted brussel sprouts and crispy croutons. The main course was vegetable fried rice that was covered with a layer of crispy kale. F makes it so it is soft and velvety, but it has a crispy top layer that melts in your mouth and is flavored with lemon zest. For dessert, we had little espresso cups with chocolate custard and homemade whipped cream. At one point, one of the guests stopped all the business conversation to say, "Can we just talk about how good this food is for a minute?" And there is no better compliment than that.

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