Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hang in there, little bunny
T, who F used to always call bunny when she was little, is having a pretty crap week. She wants to pull up her grade average in Greek and Italian and she is under a lot of pressure at school. I knew it was serious when she sent me this message:
F and I have not been so helpful. I know this because she also sent me this message via Facebook:


To be fair she sent me that message after my pep talk was an epic failure and after I had sent her this message:

 It could have been worse. The other message that I was considering sending was:

 F took her to the H&M store after her orthodontist appointment yesterday to cheer her up. It was scheduled at the last minute because she snapped her retainer in half with her stressed-out little fingers. By accident. She couldn't find anything she wanted at H&M because the only thing she wanted was a pair of skinny sweatpants that had a torn seam. I think the person who tried them on before her probably was not quite as skinny as the sweatpants. 

She brought me home a shirt and a sweatshirt. This was good because she is wearing the shirt today and I am wearing the sweatshirt. We pretty much share our closets at this point. I ordered the skinny sweatpants she wanted from an internet store ( to cheer her up. And  F brought home dinner from her favorite falafel place. She asked me about 17 times after dinner if she had to go to school today. If she didn't go to school she would have had to take the test on Friday. I have a parent-teacher meeting with that teacher first thing on Friday morning, and I also have a problem with compulsive truth telling. Especially when I'm under stress. Did I mention that my mother-in-law is arriving tomorrow? 

It is a proven fact that when my mother-in-law Anna visits, F loses his short term memory. Completely. I know Anna is coming when F starts calling me "bunny" and T "my love." 

I'm pretty sure that T has beening  thinking about me in the following terms:

Whatever bad luck mojo that I have this week. At least I don't have the sfiga adosso. That is the exact expression my walking partner used when she gave me the ninth consecutive last minute alert that despite the fact that I wake up an hour earlier than I have to in order to walk with her, she wasn't going to walk. I haven't mentioned my walking partner to you lately. That is because I haven't seen her. For FIVE weeks. She started having fainting spells. The doctor said she was anemic and needed iron drops. Then she went away to Milano for business. Then she got bronchitis. Then this morning I got this message from her on Facebook:

 Apparently she fell on her way home from the doctor whom she was seeing for her bronchitis. I imagine she sent the photos because she thought I wouldn't believe her. I believe this makes me a horrible person. Officially.

I've started binge watching Orange is the New Black, if that helps you to understand where I'm coming from. I am also reading the Hunger Games rip off book Divergence in Italian to go to sleep at night. It is a great plan because I think even if my daughter hates me and my husband doesn't remember my name, at least I'm not being strip searched and forced to combat fight against my will.

All that's left for me to do is to clean the house in preparation for Anna's arrival.

 I don't have to work today because the students that I have managed to nab don't actually show up for the most part. I love this job. I am so glad that I quit the fancy Ego gym.

Last one. I promise. And then I'm done letting e cards do my dirty work. :)

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