Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 4 So how do you feel . . . about me?
Today we took Anna for a drive in the country that was punctuated with scenic stops at three ugly markets, including Carrefour and Esselunga so that I could search for hair dye, but more about that later. We took her up to Fattoria Colleverde where she met Piero and we were given the keys to the castle, in that we were allowed to take her in to see where the wine and olive oil are made. She actually seemed to like the agriturismo and the drive through the vineyards quite a bit. I felt like a genius for remembering that we never have figured out a good lunch solution up there so we packed a picnic and were super prepared for the day.

Anna having lunch.
Anna's furry friend.

La panorama.
Now let's talk about something fascinating: my hair. I am about to do something that no one should ever do lightly and that is betray my hairdresser. Much as I love my friends Sonia and Federica that work at Massimo Pretty Hair, Massimo has kind of tied their hands. And that is not a good thing for hairdressers to have. He wants to be the star of his own show and so he does all the haircuts and makes all of the decisions himself. They are allowed only to do low level stuff and not to even learn how to do other things. As a result I have paid a ton of money for hair color that never turn out the way I want to because, the truth be told, he is not that great either. I started out with almost dyed black hair and what I have always wanted was chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights.

I tried to convince the Massimo Pretty Hair gang to use a color removing lotion and then put in the chocolate brown that Penelope Cruz sports, but Massimo said it was too dangerous. Instead he used some bleach that left me with irridescent red splotches, which I really didn't like. I paid for that. Then I convinced them to use the color remover and it worked out pretty well, but there was still a black frame around my face especially at the temples. Massimo said it was too dangerous to use more color remover so the girls had me come when he wasn't there during lunch time to fix it. It worked, but the red splotches still showed through. The plan was that they would next time put some ash toned color on to cover the red. I had to pay for that even though they were too conservative and it didn't work. The last straw was a week later when they tried to put the ash tone on one last time and my hair went back to black. Just like the Amy Winehouse song: Back to Black. And I looked like I was wearing a witch's wig for halloween or comix or something.

I read a beauty blog online that said that a certain brand of blond hair dye could turn black-ish hair back to dark brown. All the stores is this whole zone have the same ordering habits so while I could find Garnier Nutrisse, I couldn't find the number I wanted. After the jaunt in the country I went to the beauty store in town and found something similar. And lo and behold it worked. I am still going to betray Massimo and go to Morena's which is too far from home for me to go to regularly, but where they have the most modern products and a girl named Elisa who managed to take the green out of T's hair earlier this year. It was impressive. I am hoping that she can give me subtle caramel highlights that will camouflage my gray hairs as they peek through. Then I am going to just buy some kind of semipermanent stuff to use at home myself to color the roots so that we can save money.

Luckily, Penelope Cruz has the exact same coloring as me so all of her hits and misses can serve as a guide to me.
Too Light!
Too stripey!

Really bad. I've been there, too, Penelope.

A little too heavy, dark and helmet-like.
This I like.
This image has been T approved.
It is a weird relationship that I have with Sonia and Federica. I always give Sonia my books just as soon as I've finished them and I give them both presents for their birthdays and they get one for me and sometimes also for T. I love the little two second chats we have when the hair dryers aren't too loud, but family first, I guess. And I can't keep bleeding money into Massimo's retirement fund. My Penelope moment is finally in reach, she said, falling on her face.

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