Friday, March 07, 2014

Day 2 in Suocera-ville
F and I started out the day with a parent-teacher meeting where I tried to plead T's case in front of the professor who gave her the Greek test the other day. I made just enough spell-binding mistakes in Italian to make her think that our child is a genius, so mission accomplished.

After the meeting, F took Anna to see the duomo and to have a cappuccino while I covered his class with a couple, Silvia and Tommaso, both of whom are adorable University students. I was a little freaked out that they spoke English so perfectly that I had nothing to teach them; and so I blathered on about this and that in a frantic way that made them ask more than once when they could have F back as their teacher. I don't blame them really. I was weird even for me. I saw it coming, but once I started I couldn't stop. I handled the situation by doing what I usually do when things are already weird and I invited them to dinner.

This afternoon after we had a nice home cooked lunch with Anna, I took her to our friend Alessandro's fabric store where she was delighted with his presentation and knowledge of the materials. We also visited the erboristeria where my friend Laura found Anna some Tuscan hand cream for the plane. Then we went to the pharmacy where she bought a really cool pair of reading glasses that are white with black calligraphy all over them. Next stop was the scarf store where I offered to buy Anna a cashmere scarf with a hand-printed historic scene of Lucca on it. She couldn't decide on the color, so we went across the street to get her her fourth cappuccino of the day to ponder it over. We are going to go back to Zazzi, the scarf store, tomorrow because the weaver named Rumina will be there in person. She is known as golden fingers because she had worked for all the great design houses like Gucci and Valentino and Anna wanted to see her in action. Anna told a really, really long story to Vladmir at the scarf store about an egg salad sandwich. The moral was that people don't always appreciate artistry. It took us a while to get there, but we got there.

Speaking of getting there, I am a really fast walker usually, but I made an effort to walk so slow that you could not even tell I was moving today because I was so scared that Anna might trip. She has a tendency to veer towards cars and bicycles rather than away from them when you least expect it. I managed to leave the pocket of my wallet open between the pharmacy and the scarf store, but I checked and nothing important fell out.

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