Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Apparently, T left her non-religion class and walked in on the rest of her classmates who were having their non-mandatory religion lesson. The professor was saying "All the religions of the world are equally valid and have their books. The Muslims have the Koran, the Jews have the Torah, and we Christians have GOD's son Jesus Christ." So that happened. And that is kind of the reason why we don't have our child studying religion in school. It's not that it's not interesting to learn about religion, it is fascinating and historically important to learn about. It's just indoctrination, prejudice of all kinds and the persecution of non-believers that we have a problem with. Non-religion class is much more fun anyway. T spend the time arguing with a racist classmate of hers who was insulting the adopted sister of one of another classmate and then she and her friend and this kid rummaged through drawers in the spare room and discovered a bunch of truly mangled crucifixes. I thought our junk drawer was disturbing, but the junk drawer of a three hundred year old school may be worse.

Today I was really confused by my University-aged student who went through a drill sheet of interview questions with me so we could get to know each other better. I understood everything he said even though he spoke quickly and he understood a small fraction of what I said. It was weird because we were both speaking English. Then at the end he told me that he likes the musicality of English when it is spoken fast. (I guess that means F is just a horrible cacaphony for him, hee hee.) He uses his DVR to replay the sentences that actors on American shows like say and then replays them until he can mimic them perfectly. Then it hit me. He can't understand a word I'm saying because I don't come with a rewind button. Note to self: Speak S L O W E R.
How I Met Your Mother

This is what T says I have looked like as an under-employed person. It is true. But soon to come to an end. This may be a good thing. I'll miss hanging around on the couch, chugging beer and watching cartoons. Or my version: avoiding sugar, binge watching reality shows, and pinning on Pinterest.
My little guy and I had a war of wills in which I won the first half of the battle by making him translate his English homework into Italian so that we could both know that he had some idea what the homework meant. If I hadn't of done this, he would have happily slapped the book with all the answers in it shut and called it a day. Then for the second half of the class he answered all my interview questions with yes or no answers and then elaborated in Italian. He knew what he was doing as he avoided eye contact with me for a good twenty minutes and I lost control of the train. There's always next week, I suppose, when I will come armed with a biography of his favorite musician Skrillex. If you want to learn about hip hop you are going to have to speak my language, little dude.

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