Thursday, February 13, 2014

VICK's VAPOR RUB, I'm totally serious.
I hope my brothers and sisters out there in the universe who suffer from the horrible plight of cystic acne are reading this right now. I can't freaking believe it. I saw a bunch of articles on the internet which I chalked up to be the propogation of an urban legend. Then I came across this video which I assumed was some college girl who got paid by the Vicks company to do a casual advertisement for the product on youtube.

You've always been there. RIGHT under my nose. Who knew you should have been on my zits???

Apparently it is also good for toe fungus, for all you sloths out there.

And it's cheap as shit.
You can go on and not believe me all day long, but I swear to you that I put this on my cysts and they heal much faster and without leaving scars. Where was this for the last 30 years when I needed it? It was right under my nose. Even in Italy, they sell it in the pharmacies. The only thing is you have to pronounce it like - Veeks Vahpor Roob - or no one has any idea what you are asking for. This makes me laugh almost as much as pronouncing Addidas like Add-Dee-Das does. I smell like an old man and I have a crazy, shiny face, but it's all worth it. Spread the word. Invest in the company. This stuff is the BEST.

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