Monday, February 03, 2014

Ready for the Super Bowl
I (F) spent the morning sliding around in mud this morning and took a random swipe to the face that I think makes me look quite macho (ignore the t-shirt), but which makes K shudder and cover her face and makes T dissolve into giggles.

We spent the first forty or so minutes rehearsing two trick plays that are designed to address the Broken Grandpa's weakness in the running game. There weren't enough of us, so I spent the first half of this exercise pretending to block an imaginary opponent, which I'm sure makes American Football seem all the more insane to any Italians watching.

Then we practiced all of our SEVENTEEN (I kid you not) possible passing routes, followed by another pair of plays which are to be called as audibles on the line of scrimmage by the quarterback which launched a rather long discussion of whether or not a shout of "Jolly!" was too obvious a clue to the other team.

In the end, I think the consensus was for "Gentleman, keep an eye on the man you are covering." Which is remarkably polite considering that because of the depths and volume of mud smeared on everyone every third word seemed to be a form of smerdare, a word I didn't know before.

Now you can stop ignoring my t-shirt:

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