Friday, February 14, 2014

Nota a pie' di pagina/Footnote

** We finally got to watch the segment from the televison program Le Iene about Mario 'Sono Sodo,' that charming gentleman and local character who had been taken advantage of by two crooks who wanted his pension checks until their arrest last summer in Lucca just a few blocks from our house. The rather smarmy journalist, think of an Italian Geraldo Rivera, who took Mario to his dream vacation destination in Lugano, Switzerland, showed Mario a good time in the sense that the hotel where he got to stay was really nice. He ate well. He slept well, although he had to check that the reporter's room was only a few steps from his because he was used to sleeping in bed in a really shabby little house with his brother and was afraid to be alone. He was given ten euros to gamble with and he lost that in a heartbeat. Mario had hoped to win a bundle, but the reporter told him that he was lucky that he had a chaperone because lots of people lose their houses gambling. Fun times. Mario was taken to a mountain trail where he  could have the opportunity to take a hike. He took about ten steps and looked up the steep path before he declined to go any further because our Mario isn't getting any younger.  He got a boat ride instead. You get the picture. Throughout the video, the reporter made a big deal out of Mario's love for the ladies who he serenades and courts at every opportunity, whether they be waitreses or saleswomen or anyone whose eye he catches as they cross paths. The reporter  offered at the end of the program to take Mario to a girlie club. He told  Mario first that he needed to be prepared that, just like with gambling, when the amount of money allotted for the evening ran out, the affection of the women would probably die out too. Mario won my heart even more when he told the reporter that he thought that women should be left in peace and that he wasn't interested in buying anyone's love. He said he would rather spend the money on a nice meal.

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