Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love is in the air
During F's Wednesday English class which is composed mostly of teachers, one of the women had a question. She wanted to know what to call the man she lives with. "I have a man in my house," she said. How do I call him? F suggested, Commonly in English, we'll just say boyfriend, but sometimes people also use partner, companion. . She said boyfriend sounded too much like a teenager and since she is a grandmother it didn't seem appropriate. Partner was too stretta/intimate for the relationship. Companion she rejected as being a communist word, even though F tried to point out that comrade and companion are not the same thing. In the end, casting about for possibilities, F threw out the term lover. She throught about it and said, "That is what he used to be, but now he is just the man who lives in my house." F then taught her the expression TMI to the relief of the whole class who laughed when they found out that it means Too Much Information.

F and I have this to say to RAI television who have sent us a notice saying that the first batch of forms we filled out to say that we don't even own a television is not enough to get us out of paying a televison tax.

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