Monday, February 24, 2014

I have issues.
Party time!
This weekend we went to our friend Barbara's birthday party. I've told you about Barbara before. She is the closest living embodiment of a J. Crew ad that I will ever meet in real life. She runs an agriturismo and she does a lot of the manual labor along with the management. She never looks fussy or like she put in any effort and yet is the most elegant, gorgeous creature ever. I never know what to wear. She ties up her hair in a messy chignon that would take me weeks to create. She wears that sweaters that seem to even know how to pill elegantly. I can't explain it. We had some in-house and take away chinese food for dinner, which was a rare treat.

That is Barbara in the bright sweater.
Make a wish.

 I got schooled by this guy at the party. I have met him like six times, but I never remember his name. We went to the kitchen to wash out our red wine glasses before the prosecco toast. He said something to the effect of ladies first. So I went first. Suddenly I had a panic attack about rinsing out the glass. Should I use soap? Should I swirl it somehow? I tried to make a joke about it and said something about scaramanzia which is what you say when you are feeling superstitious and are doing something to avoid bad luck. I didn't get him to smile or to appreciate how fancy an Italian word I used so I said, "Hey, I said scaramanzia that is a fancy Italian word. I even know a gesture that goes with it." And then I did this gesture that my friends do. You make your fingers into horns and then point them downwards. He said that was very unladylike of me. I couldn't tell if he was kidding. The whole we're J.Crew ad people, but were not really that down to earth vibe always throws me. So I mumbled over to F where I said that guy doesn't think I'm ladylike, but this is me being ladylike. I came here from Brooklyn, for crying out loud. I decided to run the whole gesture fiasco past my real friends at the party I threw for my friend Bianca's birthday the following night.
Love is in the preparation.
I had been looking forward to the party with the girls for a long time. F was the chef and I was the sou chef. That means I made little penguins out of olives, carrots and cream cheese to put on the pistachio covered goat cheese and sun dried tomato balls. We served these with zucchini fake meat balls for appetizers. Dinner was fun because everyone got a kick out of the soup bowls made entirely from round loaves of sourdough bread filled with tomato and red pepper soup.  Next came lasagna noodle cups filled with spicy lemony greens. It couldn't have gone better.

 When I asked my friends whether I had commited a huge faux pas at Barbara's party, they said that I should stop hanging out with the wrong crowd. And we all had a big laugh about it. I know that at least of half of them make that gesture all the time, by the way.

See the penguin? I am talented.

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