Friday, January 10, 2014

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little bit of vendetta versus the fancy gym mixed in with my new year's resolution to get in the best shape of my life.

In this un-zen like frame of mind I always have this fear-filled fantasy of bumping into my ex-boss Giacomo, or even worse, my horrendous ex-co-worker Ricky in town. I feel like if I had to exchange pleasantries with them, it woud cause me psychic harm. That is why I was thrilled that I discovered female rapper Iggy Azalea  for my walk around the walls. Now I know that if they try to shoot the shit with me, as we uncouth Americans say, I can simply respond: "Please don't waste your time saying hello to me because I'm sure that there is a cock for you to suck  elsewhere". . . I love hip hop. I'm pretty sure it will sound even better in Italian, but I'm not sure that I can get my Italian teacher to translate it for me.

Road rage aside, today I met a lovely woman on my walking route. I think it is the lady who usually wears the white coat. Today she confused me by wearing a black coat, but it could have been her rain attire because it was drizzling. I wore my Dirty Dancing baseball cap and she still spoke to me which is a good omen. The lights were on in the back of this little casa on the walls and inside was a beautiful giant white sculpture of two figures that I had never seen before. She was taking photos so I inquired about it, but it turned out that she was taking pictures of some bicycles parked out front because she is in a club that takes photos of bicycles. Not even kidding about that. So anyway, now we are facebook friends which is nice. I also chatted with two other ladies about their rain gear and they told me that I have to get an outdoor sports kind of rain jacket because my trench coat is really heavy to drag around for 5 miles.

Speaking of clothes and shopping. T showed me this article she found about organizing your wardrobe ( so that you concentrate on pieces that are easy to make outfits from in the morning and then switching off every three months or so. She wanted to put off doing her homework so she organized my whole closet and bureau so that it all makes sense, god bless her. It is supposed to help you from spending unnecessary money by encouraging you to shop your closet, as they say. It didn't stop me from ordering more Twizzlers on-line, but maybe it will help me from buying clothes I don't need. When the Twizzler supply was about to dry out, I almost had a panic attack. How will I drink wine when I am depressed and hormonal if not out of my chocolate licorice straw? Well, I'm sure you have your little idiosyncracies, too, right? But if you don't, you can still check out these videos:

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