Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The long walk around
First we carb loaded. I started early with fondue at New Year's, as you know:

 And then homemade pizza the night before:

Fig & gorgonzola pizza -- Did your mind just explode??

T refusing the paparazzi shots.
 The plan was to wake up when the alarm went off and meet Francesca (whose idea it was) outside of the Gelateria Veneta. On the positive side, T and I applauded each other for being alive that early in the morning while we ate breakfast together at the table. We had cocoa oatmeal, if you must know. She added chocolate chips and I added agave syrup.

I put little toe protectors on my little piggies to protect them and walked boldly into the unknown.

I was proud of being awake to catch the pretty sunrise. The air was brisk but not too cold. Sorry, New York.

I was American ontime which is 20 minutes too early to be Italian on time so I decided to text Francesca. That's when I saw her message about having been up all night vomiting. I would have felt sorry for her, but it was the same excuse she used last time she cancelled on me. I am not sure if she has the worst luck in the world or if she is just a pathological liar, but I am hoping for the best. Just kidding. My joke about not taking my Ipod with me just in case my walking partner didn't show up was not that that funny afterall, and I had to retrace my steps back to the house where F came down to to let me grab my tunes.

This is my sad faced selfie upon hearing the dismal news.

 I tied my shoes tighter. I stopped to loosen them because they were too tight. Twice. As I paused this older lady grinned as she passed me. It was a so long sucker kind of a moment. When she stopped to chat with a gentleman at a later point in the loop, I charged past her. It's competitive up there on those walls. Don't be fooled by the senior citizens of Lucca. They are fierce about their wall walking. About half way around I realized that even just wearing toe protectors causes me to walk differently, and, by differently, I mean that I got huge air balloon sized water blisters on my heels after the first loop. This group of three older ladies sneared at me when they passed me as I sat on a bench to pull them off. I told you: they're viscious.


Dumb toe protectors!

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