Monday, January 27, 2014

The Friendly Football League
I kid you not.

By virtue of being American, notwithstanding having played "football americano" perhaps two dozen times, I (F) am considered an exalted expert and have been invited to be a member of the "Broken Grandpas" of the FFL. The other teams in the league include the "Orange Donkeys," the "Battlecats," and "Baby Yanagi."

We've practiced a couple of times now and the team makes up for experience with enthusiasm and an adorable fetish for football gear--rubberized receiver gloves, matching spandex capri leggings, neon socks, as well as little cones and tape measures to mark off the field.

Each practice generally begins with the outline and rehearsal of an elaborate trick play involving hiking the ball to the running back, a double reverse handoff, and all of the brand new recruits standing around looking utterly mystified. But then there are a bunch of running, passing, blocking and kicking drills that today ended up working quite well for everyone.

It was a beautiful sunny morning (sorry NYC), and after Fabio number two and I stopped and fortified ourselves at a bar on the way to the practice field near Pisa, I think I held my own pretty well on the field. Gianluca, who is the quarterback and the most serious fan kept calling me his "Jimmy Graham," which I really hope is a compliment. Plus also, it's three hours of Italian lessons for me, including far more parolacce/curses than I should be trusted with.

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