Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rainbow cupcakes 

 I don't know why I meddle. For some reason when I heard that T's friend Natasha's little sister Sofia really wanted Rainbow Dash My Little Pony rainbow cupcakes for her birthday, I was determined that she should have them. It's been raining like crazy the past few days here and the thunderstorms have been epic. I have some weird virus that makes my ears fill up with fluid and buzz and ache, and I can't seem to shake it. Well, I cajoled F into finding food coloring in Lucca. I got a tip that we could find some at Tutto per La Casa, which I have referred to as the bad energy store in previous posts because the owner is so grouchy. Not only was he grouchy at poor F, but he wanted fifteen euro for just one little tube of color. So  F got on his bike in the pouring rain and got the colors and then figured out how to make rainbow cupcakes. This is one of the zillion reasons why I have the best husband ever invented. I tried to make a 3D pony, but we didn't have blue fondant and it's little legs kept collapsing. There is nothing more sad than a crippled, little rainbow pony so I made a flat one to put on top of the birthday's girl's cupcake. T made the most adorable little washi tape banner that spelled out Sofia's name to go with it. Don't worry, I've got photos this time.

And here are our friends making us delicious, fresh kamut pasta at their dinner party. It's not a rainbow pony, but it was still very special to us.
In other news, I got served. The fancy gym is being investigated and so I was summoned to some official office to show all of my paperwork in two weeks time. At least, I don't seem to be the focus of the investigation. Hopefully, I won't blabber on and end up being the center of their unwanted attention. Can you tell that I have watched 15 back to back episodes of Scandal? What I would do without my friend and Italian teacher, pictured above, I don't know. We've started to call her Angelina Jolie. I don't know what we would have done if she hadn't adopted us. After first bothering her with our Sistema Ambiente burocratic nightmare because we didn't know that non-residents pay less garbage taxes than residents and so we never updated our information; I then bothered her with this next notice of persecution. Come to find out that we also messed up because we used our middle names on some of our official documents, but not on all of them. Italians never use their middle names on official documents because it leads to you having a schizophrenic identity crisis,having your electricity turned off and paying garbage taxes that are astronomical, I gather. Three years in, and we are still on a steep and muddy learning curve. It's not all rainbow ponies all the time, but it's worth it.

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