Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's footnote*

Yesterday F and I walked two loops around the wall, which is about four miles. I tried these foot cushions to protect the balls of my feet from the impact and I ended up with little welts where the cushion edges dug into my foot bottoms. I am the original princess and the pea and that is the truth. I hope it never ever rains.

Last night as we were turning in after a late night of fondue and assorted coziness, T says to me, "That was so much fun, can I have your phone number?" And we both cracked up. Just as she was turning to go up to her room, she looked coyly over her shoulder and added, "I hope the age difference isn't a problem for you!" I laughed until tears came out.

I don't know what your hangover remedy is, but I plan to peruse Pinterest and watch SYTYCD Season One, until my head explodes. Happy 2014!

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