Friday, January 31, 2014

Maremma Mia
When it rains in Tuscany, it doesn't mess around. There is rain in the forecast on a permanent basis, or so it seems. Poor F has had to deal with a weird vibration in the car, and when he took it to be repaired they said that it seemed to just need new wheels. In the meantime, he is a bit soggy. F has this boss at the school he teaches for who calls often to ask questions and to remind him about bureaucratic things. He is forever forgetting to sign things and bring in receipts of some sort even though he is the best teacher she has got. So sometimes she gets cross with him and other times she is very fond of him. We were waiting for her to love him again so that I can send my resume in and hopefully get some teaching work, as well. Today F gave me the green light, so fingers crossed. I have lost the four students I used to have and have got only one new one in return. I am seriously thinking about changing my brand of mouthwash.

T came home from school today and tried to explain the adventures that she had translating a story from Greek during a test. It seems there are many synonyms for most of the words in the story so while she started out thinking that this moralistic tale about greed was about a man hiding his treasure in a field, she gathered from the teacher's letting on that she was seeing a lot of mistakes in the making and her neighbor's blurting out something aloud, she realized that the protagonist had actually hid his loot under a rock and that instead of swallowing it and needing a doctor to extract it, he had buried it and a worker had come along and unearthed it. The main thing is that she figured it out in time and got it right. When did I start needing subtitles just to understand the answer to the question, "How was school today?"

Day two of no sugar, and I can only tell you that if you tell an obsessive maniac such as myself that she can't have sugar, there is only one thought that pulses like an annoying electro dance music beat behind my eyes all the live long day and it's name is: SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. I imagine in a week I will be ready to lick the floor under T's chair in search of sweet crumbs and granules. Good times.

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