Thursday, January 09, 2014


Day two and the special kind of Compeed bandaids that my friend recommended could not be found so early in the morning so I slathered my feet in vaseline and put on regular tape. I stopped in front of the Gelateria Veneta just to make sure that Francesca wasn't there, but there was no text message/sms from her on the phone, and I was purposely ten minutes late, taking the middle ground between American and Italian punctual, just to make sure that I wasn't leaving her in the lurch. I wasn't. To be fair, she really is pretty sick. I really think she is this time.

I smiled and said ciao to the lady in the white puffy jacket with whom I had the imaginary race yesterday and that was nice, but when I saw her the next two times it was awkward. I think she hopes I don't make it back out there tomorrow. Don't worry I'm not going to keep you posted every day about my silly little walk. I will admit to you that I am so sore that I can't walk or sit down without grabbing my butt cheeks. I made quite an impression on the postwoman between that and my makeup-less face. Say what you will about Tracy Anderson, but her method works. It has transformed me. She doesn't approve of walking as cardio and suggests that we do unrepetitive hoppy "dance" aerobics for 50 minutes, but my ankles and peroneal tendons, unfortunately, won't cooperate. I figure humans were meant to walk and it burns a good amount of calories, plus I don't think it will give me the huge ass that spinning does.

Cheery, aren't I? I don't know how to do a selfie with the ipod so excuse the view of my nostrils.
The worst blister is this letter we got from the Sistema Ambiente which is the garbage people. They think we didn't pay the tax that we paid. Pop!

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