Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Xmas Bake Off?
You want to laugh? Try watching the Bake Off series in six languages on Christmas eve! It is so funny. We started with the Great British bake off which is extremely Great British. Everyone is polite and trying to say nice things about each other while being as secretly competitive about chantilly cream as a person can possibly be. Let's just as the Italian say, put una pietra sopra/a stone on top of the American version which has been reviewed in the press as having the biggest contestant tantrum, the worst winner, and the most irritating judges and host. Then we hopped over to Ireland where the host seemed much more passionate about having perfect hair and being on television than about baking. We missed the sweet loving silliness of the British hosts who make bad baking puns and put on funny voices. Than F said we had to check to see if they had a French bake off. Sure enough there is one and it is called Le Meilleur Patissier and it does not have subtitles. That said, in the first thirty seconds you can already tell that the French are all ringers with a skill level that is vastly above that of even the finale sof all the other series combined. The French host is animated and very well manicured, but at least she looks like she eats pastry occasionally. There was nothing left but to search for an Italian bake off which is on the Real Time channel. Being Italian, their website sucks. You can only see the last episode so we have missed the first three. The third one is advertised as being available to watch, but it won't load. The Italian host is extremely anorexic and if she eats any of the pastries they have to take a commercial break so she has time to throw up and brush her teeth afterwards. The main judge is not Italian and, while I applaud this open mindedness, his accent is not easy to understand. It turns out he is Austrian. He has this white tuft of hair in the front that is very distracting. His co-host and counterpart like sweets, but people, not so much.

After all that baking on tv,  F was inspired to make santa pancakes for T and me. They were "scrummy" which is a combination of yummy and scrumptious --  to quote the GB bake off.

F loves his new beanie hat.

Just for laughs here are the other shows we have been missing out on from real time Italia: Finger Food Factory; Grassi contro Magri (Fat vs. Skinny); Il mondo di honey boo boo (the world of honey boo boo), mia figlia e' un cheerleader (my daughter is a cheerleader); Non sapevo di essere incita (I didn't know I was pregnant); pazzi  per la spesa (crazy for shopping, Sepolti in casa (buried at home), Sex hospital, The cooking, Sing date, Ti prendo per la gola (I'll take you by the throat). I'm afraid to ask what Sex hospital is about . . .

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