Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Mixer Dinner
F and I went to this dinner with our noses and eyes running, feeling like shadows of our normal selves and with our pockets stuffed with kleenex. I would not have left the house for any other event in the world, but after weeks of organizing, plotting, and hatching there was no way we could cancel at the last minute.

Angelo is forever a saint in my eyes for having brought his three single buddies from University times. They were shy but really kind men, and in addition to my two girlfriends who brought two friends there was a semblance of mismatched balance between married and single folks. It was really great to see Renata at her pizzeria with her new fidanzato Stefano keeping her company throughout the evening behind the bar. As promised she got a table for us and let us close out the place at the end of the night. After dinner we went to another spot for a mandarino which I thought was a hot tea, but which turned out to be more of a hot toddy.

You can see by my face that I was thinking, I really wish I could breathe through my nose right now.

There was that akward highschool moment where all the women tried to sit together and I had to be a real bossy pants and make them sit boy-girl, boy-girl. God knows how, but I recalled that there is a chess piece called the rocca in Italian which is the rook. After about four or five mistaken attempts, I finally came up with the command l'arrocco which is the castle move where the rook has to change places. A couple of times during the dinner I yelled out l'arrocco cheerfully to get people to trade chairs with the goal of getting to  know each other better. Yes, I know that it makes me seem crazy, but somebody had to do it.

Having not slept in four days, I am relieved that this adventure is over, but I am also heartened by all the kindness and goodwill on the part of everyone at the dinner. And while I am feeling all warm and fuzzy can I just add that there are no words for how much I love our caldaia/heater. I now consider it the new family pet and there is nothing better than listening to it purr. Buona notte!

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