Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That's the spirit!
As our tradition holds into year three in Tuscany, we made snowman brownies and gave them out to our favorite people who work in town:

1. The ortafrutta
2. The fiorai
3. The guy at the edicolo
4. Everyone at the farmacie
5. The Forno Giusti
6. My friend who works at Tenucci where I pretended to be a rich American to whom we pretended that she had sold a bunch of elegant scarves in front of her bewildered boss lady.
7. My friend who works at a Scarpa Moda
8. The girls at Subdued
9. The folks who work at the two restaurants downstairs
10. The girls at Guess
11. The ladies at Louisa Spagnoli
12. Babbo Natale

Here I am handing off a sweet to a very happy Santa Claus. I think I'm officially off the naughty list!

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