Saturday, December 21, 2013

Random holiday moments of delirium (rhmd if you want to start a trend)
1. I am really tired of seeing Olivia Palermo on Pinterest.  Did no one watch The City? She is a really mean and horrible person!

2. I don't know how to feel about nail art. It is beyond my reach.

3. T spilled a copious amount of water on my computer and on F's computer and we blowdried their internal naked parts while I had a panic attack because all the blogs say you shouldn't restart for 72 hours.

4. F untied the rope holding up our Christmas tree and broke T's favorite ornament, but then Super Attak/ Crazy Glued it back together.

5. I am taking a red wine and advil chaser to my cocktall hour/aperitivo with Serena and Bianca tonight.

6. You know it's Christmas when you are blowdrying your computer while mentally reviewing every bad word you have ever heard in two languages as people sing carrolls outside your window.

7. Really?????

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