Friday, December 06, 2013

If my grandmother were an Italian English Professor . . .
This is real. This really happened. We don't have the time or money to invent this. No actors were paid in the re-creation of this parent-teacher meeting. It was to be an exciting and parent-teacher meeting where we could ostensibly speak English. It quickly turned into One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next meets Sophie's Choice. I don't know how.

We were the ninth in line. I engaged this father of someone in the other section in a conversation about politics. I say engaged, but what I mean is that I said hello and then he started talking politics. What I did was a lot of listening. As I was "listening," I got a glimpse of the English professor who was walking each parent to the door and wishing them a merry christmas. This is not normal. Most professors beckon you in with a hand wave and leave you with a handshake across the top of the little student sized desks.

One mother came out of her conference giggling hysterically. She said, "My daughter has good good grades so I started to leave, but she insisted that we get to know each other and she just started chatting." Even before hearing this, I had already decided not to mention the fact that T should have perfect tens in English, but seems to only be getting nines due to the professor's perfectly wrong ideas about English sentence structure.

About two seconds into the meeting, I realized that it was going to be blog worthy. Here's a moment:

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