Friday, December 06, 2013

Heater Update or No News is Bad News

(Alternative title for this post: Thank God for Melissa who lent us two electric heaters.)

Yeah, so no one came to look at the heater.

The landlord's daughter-in-law spoke to her brother-in-law who allegedly called someone who did nothing and then I called and left embarrassing messages on the company's answering machine. I could almost see them through my crappy cell phone laughing at the replay of my message while all gathered around the secretary's desk.  We got on the afternoon shift which is from two until eight at night. The afternoon shift means that you are second fiddle and probably won't be seen. We are on the same list for the afternoon shift tomorrow. My ex-client whose boyfriend repairs heaters said he can't help me because his day off is tomorrow and he didn't bring his tools home and because he works for a different company so they might not have the right parts. I half expected her to day that he can't help me because she just never liked me very much. What she did tell me was useful, though. She said that you have to be very dramatic and persistent on the phone and a few crocodile tears never hurt. I made a big plea to a guy named Alessandro, but he said it was too late. Story of my life.

Tonight we washed T's hair with water heated on the stove. It was very rustic. If you think I moved to Tuscany because I love rustic stuff, you'd be really really wrong.

Anna Maria & Erica & I walking through town last weekend.

I thought it was a little chilly that day. Hah! I knew nothing.

Thanksgiving with Giorgia. Many a carbohydrate was eaten.

This is how I look when I am very cold and pale.

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