Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grinch Like Going Ons
These annoying things are threatening to grinch it up at us just before christmas time and I refuse to let them:

1. When I went to prepare the heater/caldaia for the official repair person check of the exhaust, I looked up for once and saw that the bricks in the ceiling were cracked and about to fall down. There was a puddle of water on the floor so  I thought for a long moment that the next money suck was upon us and that the roof was leaking. It turned out that the water on the floor was an unrelated event (darn that steam cleaner) and that it is a fake ceiling that F thinks he can repair. We do have to go to the post office to pay 10 euros to avoid sanctions about our heater maintenance, but that's the unglamorous side to life in Tuscany, people.

2. I tirelessly translated a dozen furniture construction documents using an archaic program called freehand (which is really a recipe for a tension headache, what with the text boxes sliding all over the page and the program crashing every five minutes) into comprehensible English. I even made my client a little technical language dictionary for him to bring to Qatar. He has cancelled all of his lessons, the going rate for which is 20 euros and hour, due to tension related back pain. Via email he let me know that - surprise, surprise, his budget for the project is 40 euros which is about 7 euros an hour. I figured I had done 200 euros of work so that was disappointing. I have got him up to 100 euros at the end, but he hasn't contacted me or paid up so I haven't sent him the rest of the documents and we are in a real stalemate. I would have done the rest of the project for free because I have too much time on my hands, but I don't want to be a total sucker so for now I am just waiting around to see what his next move is. Truly disappointing.
 3. To make the days go by, I have been trying to help out F with whatever I can at home because he is constantly teaching and biking to lessons the point that his ribs are sticking out more than they should do. I have also gone all crafty with our family gift giving by making 30 hot chocolate mixture filled snowmen complete with muffin paper hats and real fabric scarves. F wanted to kill me when he went to five stores to get the right kind of glass jars without any success. I know I am a ball buster, but skinny test tube snowmen just will not cut it so in the end we bought a ridiculous amount of olives and I soaked off the labels myself. Tomorrow we will have a bunch of our students come around for some cocoa.

F is one of my two favorite people to watch tv with, but he corrects just about everybody's grammar. I guess it comes with his job description.
4.  On the up side, Lucca looks like this:

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