Saturday, December 21, 2013

Disco Inferno

Last night we drove around about 20 minutes away from our house into the countryside where we searched up and down this road for a place that could conceivably called Dancing Millenium. Then we realized that we don't live in New York anymore and this little brick building with a lit back porch door must be the spot. It was a place that would have been cool had there been good music or alcohol, but there wasn't. There were lots of cakes and some Coca Cola (insert trademark symbol here) and F had at least three different kinds of pie. More important than coolness is heart, of course, and there was plenty of that. Our friends Ilaria and Marco have started a foundation called the Associazione Pedagogica to help children with learning disabilities and they are doing really great work. The evening was a fund-raiser. Ilaria, while promoting her important work was sweet enought to recommend my English conversation classes to a bunch of her friends. In reality F is their group's teacher, but I guess she has faith in me. She is also the cutest English speaker ever.

T dressed me for the evening. Most of the ladies were wearing gray or black sweaters and dancing in a way that could work whether you are doing a line dance at a country fair or breakdancing on the mean streets in front of an old age home. So when the feedback for my outfit was that I looked like a teenager, I took it and ran with it. I plan on wearing the exact same outfit tonight. I refuse to do the Christmas sweater thing, I just refuse to do it.

Disco is kind of an exaggeration, no?
It's sad to have so many couches with nobody making out on them. I mean we're not at Ikea.
Bust a move ladies.
I'm not kidding about the black and gray sweaters. . .

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