Friday, December 20, 2013

A little holiday happening
We were invited to a sweet, vegetarian dinner that hit the spot. Not too heavy, not too much, good company, music and wine. Just the thing to get us through until we can all snuggle in for the holiday week.

Can you believe that this  is the vision we get to walk through every evening. It is just impossible to comprehend how gorgeous it is:

These are all blurry, but so were we. When F drinks, we get blurry photos. I should totally start carrying the ipod so he could be in a photo every once in a while. Sorry about that, honey. Barbara served a lovely potato and pea sformato, braised radicchio, pasta with pesto and F made a chocolate chip cookie, homemade marshmallow, chocolate concoction that I decorated with little silver balls.

Barbara, Alessandro and Greta checking out the dessert.

This is normal. I'm saying something and T is ignoring me and chuckling to herself.

T had to bring her Greek homework to repass for tomorrow's evil last minute quiz.

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