Monday, November 04, 2013

Waiting for the other shoe . .  
More people are reading this blog now in Italy than in America, which means, I guess, that the cat is officially out of the bag. Luckily, they never did discover my little pastime at the fancy gym.

Speaking of which, I unfriended all of my ex-colleagues from the fancy gym on Facebook and have the awkward situation that some of them have requested my friendship for a second time. This is Ironic with a capital "I", since none of them bothered to get to know me well enough to ever have had a real friendship with me, and I can't imagine why they care to have an imaginary one with me now.

I don't know how to manage the whole FB thing because there is no more need for my work identity to have its own page. My idea is that I will sit tight until Wednesday when most people will have discovered that I am not coming back to work anymore. Then I will send out a few message nets to see if I can hook any private students. I will finally stop being that annoying fitness woman, if you ever meet me at a cocktail party. At Melissa's Halloween party a fellow guest identified me in those exact words, "Oh you're that fitness woman," and you could tell she did not mean it as a compliment. I wouldn't want to be bombarded with fitness news either, but it was a good way to keep in contact with clients and to drum up business. When I see people post about their triathalon results my normal gut instinct is to think, "Oh do shut up and have a candy bar, would ya?" So I completely understood her lackluster reaction to meeting me in real life, even though I thought it was kind of a snap judgement on her part.

I went to work this morning with F to watch him teach English to an advanced beginner student. She was this adorable lady whose daughter is spending her fourth year in high school as an exchange student in Wyoming and wants to be able to speak English with her America obsessed daughter when she gets home. I have to say that I was very upset to learn that there are long and short adjectives and that verbs come in two styles, both modal and phrasal. I have a glossy certificate from an Internet course that says that I should be able to teach English anywhere in the world, and yet the whole 30 hour course never taught me a lick about English grammar. I hope I find mostly conversation students who want to gossip and discuss television shows with me. At the end of the lesson I coaxed a ton of English out of his student just by being my mischievous and silly self. Then I taught her how to rob American television shows with Italian subtitles off the Internet continuing my work as the Robin Hood of all things pop cultural.

It is nice to be home when T gets home from school. She referred to us as the Gilmore Girls today and I kind of got her point. We are a sharp witted and sarcastic mother daughter duo and we do enjoy a good mocha.

THIS JUST IN: A CLIENT JUST TEXT MESSAGED ME THAT GIACOMO TOLD MY CLASS HE HAS NO IDEA WHY I DON'T WORK AT THE FANCY GYM ANYMORE. . . .  Wow, that's original. I guess I just spontaneously combusted for no apparent reason. Good luck with that approach, Giac.

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