Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanks pinterest!
Seriously. I love Pinterest. I have a board called Things My Teenage Daughter Will Love, Unless I'm Wrong. And since I often am wrong, T made her own birthday board called Well, Now I Feel Selfish :) in which she suggested gently and with urgency some great things that she would like for her special day, none of which were very material in nature, and all of which were fun to do. 
The night before F and I made thse photo balloons with pictures of T from the beginning until now. It was so fun to watch her descend through them first thing this morning. 

We also got her a slushie maker! (Francesca, I'll explain slushies to you next Monday.)
This was a little dress she wanted from a weird website that ships things from Asia and whose customer service representatives desperately need English lessons.
The first gift she opened was a birthday outfit of skeleton leggings and a plaid shirt which she wore to school.

Then breakfast was salted caramel pumpkin muffins and hot mocha. Lunch was homemade pretzels with a cheddar cheese dipping sauce. For dinner T wanted falafels from the falafel place and chocolate peanut butter lava cake. Eat your heart out, Tracy Anderson.

She had a great time opening presents over skype with our friends in Denver -- Meagan, Stephen and Vivi and chatting away with her Grandma Dos in NY.

To top it all off, she got an 8+ and an 8- from her Italian/Greek professor which will make parent-teacher conferences a much more amicable and lovely event. There was a ton of confusion about how to sign up for these bad boys. It turns out that "the Americans" couldn't find the giant sign up board again and had to call a mom from the class to get the inside scoop. We, therefore, missed out on being type-A first to be seen parents and are settling for people who eventually get seen, but not necessarily tomorrow. I just realized that I spelled necessarily with two Cs when I taught my last English lesson. Happy Birthday, Tbird, bunny racket, bunny bagel, honey bagel, T, and bella di mamma that you are. Did I embarrass you yet? 

In case I didn't; here's this:

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