Friday, November 01, 2013

Goodbye Fancy Gym!
And don't let the door hit you on the way out. My supervisor called me this morning to demean me and tell me that all of my concers were exagerated. I told him that he had been absent the day they were handing out human empathy and he said he was going to be gone for the weekend so that I could meet with the owner of the fancy gym myself. I dodged a bullet with that one. My supervisor had first proposed a mediation session between me and the guy who has both kicked, choked, and now yelled at me. My actual response to this proposal was "Oy."

I have to say I am quite in love with the owner of the fancy gym at this moment. Even if he yelled at me a bit saying that I was paranoid and that they weren't all monsters and that not everyone was against me, he also said that he also thinks that the guy who yelled at me is a moron. That was more refreshing than red Kool Aid on a summer's day. He also all but admitted that he thought that sending the supervisor's assistant to befriend me would have resolved everything. That explains all the text messages where she was calling me every affectionate Italian name in the book despite the fact that for seven months she hasn't really spent a second with me.

At one point in my speech I tried to make a point by saying that even if my supervisor is an organizational genius, he lacks even the slightest drop of human empathy, but before I could finish the thought he jumped in saying that this guy is far from being any kind of genius either. I was poised for a lot of eventualities, but down right honesty was not one of them.

 I went on a little long in my speech. In my head I had practiced both parts, the part he would say and the part I would say, and then,  in reality,  I said both parts. I rehearsed so much that he stopped me at one point to compliment me on my grasp of Italian grammar. And then he said enough is enough, maybe you would allow me to say a word or two? I thank Nazarena, my Italian teacher, for that and for her good advice. In the end he looked very sad that I wouldn't stay. I made a huge mistake in not going to talk to him alone sooner. I had no idea that I could do that. He only gave me the "tu" today which means that I was virtually the only employee that still called him Mr. and not by his first name.  I always thought that it would not sit well with my supervisor if I jumped over him and our history was weird. One time I went all ghetto on him when my supervisor tried to trick me into signing a contract that reduced my pay and the next time I was crying to him about one of the cleaning staff whose family member was killed in an earthquake. The comfort level was just not there. Oh well.

He said he would not make me pay any penalties and that he would pay me my last month's salary. Even if he doesn't, and I kind of doubt that he will, I appreciate that he said he would. I'm so thankful to be out of there. Just going to the meeting and having to walk in those front doors made me nauseous. Every time the phone rings I start to hyperventilate. It is going to take me a few days to get me to relax. F and I are still fighting off a virus that is going around Lucca that involves a lot of sinus pain and exhaustion. I just woke up from a nap with a weird indentation in my ear where I had forgotten to take off my pointy earring to find my jaws locked together with a ferocity that even Anthony Hopkins would have been impressed by.

Now I have to sit back and wait and hope that when some of the 200 people I made friends with on FB through the fancy gym find out that I am not there anymore they will want to train with me privately or that they will want English lessons. The adventure continues .. .

 Meanwhile outside the city is a little bit chaotic at the moment . . .

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