Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well this is awkward . . .
 As I wait for a meeting to take place at the fancy gym, that has yet to be scheduled, and I am on a fake sick leave, several unfortunate forces are making things really uncomfortable. The first thing is that I actually am sick. Nothing ruins calling in sick, like having to be sick. The second thing is that it the Comics festival has arrived in Lucca and on my way to the hair parlor, sick or not, I saw both a huge hot air balloon and my hairdressers were dressed as thieves. Lastly, the fancy gym apparently has no idea that I am going to quit (unless the penalty on my contract is too high and we can't afford it).  The boss' assistant keeps calling me on my cell phone, saying that now she wants to be my friend. This confused me for a minute since I would have loved if she wanted to be my friend seven months ago, but then I sadly came to the conclusion that it is just a business strategy on their part, and that to be safe I should probably avoid having coffee with her at all costs. My real friend who is a genius is going to read the contract again for me tomorrow. The fancy gym thinks I am coming back to teach on Sunday, but um I'm not.

It's a weird day, when your hairdressers look like this. . .

and this happens . .

and then you look up into the sky and see this.

These are some happy people who don't work at the fancy gym.
And you know what?

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