Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 30th anniversary of the fancy gym
The morning festivities went off pretty much without a hitch. My class went okay except that I went on one song too long without taking the scheduled break I put in for the older clients who come in earlier in the day. I knew I had messed up by the sound of moaning and the look of grimaces. I remembered to bring the brown anniversary tee shirt even without the text message warning/reminder from the gym which came to me after I was already at work. After class I helped the gym owner to distribute cups of champagne. This was not an easy feat as all my fellow instructors were pushing and shoving to get to the cake table in order to be the most helpful possible.

The most satisfying part of the morning shift happened before we even got to the cafe for the first of three cake and prosecco moments. The substitute swim teacher who is a very nice, down to earth person who has given me a lift in her car every once in a while told me that she was suffering like a dog with a migraine headache. I had offered to give her a bioenergy treatment months ago when the cuts on her intestine were constraining her to go to the hospital for IV drips, but she demurred. Yesterday she couldn't stand it anymore so I started to give her the treatment which is just a simple protocol of  hand movements around her body and she immediately became very hot. She got so hot that she took her t-shirt off. Then she started sobbing. She is not the type of girl who ever lets you see her cry, so I knew that was a big deal. I asked her if she was feeling better or worse and she said she was crying with relief because she had no more pain. That was beautiful, and she skipped off to take photographs of the cake.
I think the lady on my right is Ricky's mother.

Way to go, Lisa.

I impressed him by remembering a lullabye I learned long ago in Tagalog.
I was more worried about the evening part of the festivities, known as, I kid you not, "Happy Time", because three of the veteran teachers were teaching a class right before mine in 80's style of old time step, tone, and aerobics and it was packed. In fact I had half as many students as usual, many of whom were late due to the massive traffic jam in the parking lot. I had thought to try to set back feminism an unforgiveable number of years by wearing a transparent body suit, but my regular tuesday night ladies were aghast and it did nothing for my ratings. Although, I will say that I have never had such eager help to get the room set up and we had the studio ready in no time flat. My friends Alessandra and Giada convinced me to stay at the party for five minutes after class just to get credit for being there, ie. getting my picture taken with them.

This is what I'm up against!

I was having a lovely conversation with a man who cleans and does maintenance at the fancy gym who is from the Phillippines and who speaks English. He didn't know I was American all this time so it was our first time to confide in one another. Sadly who told me about the earthquake that happened that morning which was a 7.2. His sister in law had pushed her daughter out of the window just before their house collapsed on her. There was no way to get her to the hospital as the roads were all down. While we were talking her got the news that she had died. He said as much as he and his sister who is also here want to fly home, the flights are too expensive and the roads are impossible. I told him that I wanted to talk to the boss of the gym to see if we could make a collection to aid his family and others in the region, but he said he was too proud to ask for such a thing. You know me by now, so I will go try to find a discrete way to talk to the boss today.

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