Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dirty Dancing in Tuscany
It sounds sexier than it was, but Eleanor enjoyed the countryside. I managed to get us some delicious pasta out of the Botteghina even after the water had been turned off and the dining service hour had long passed, just by mentioning those two magical words: Patrick Swayze. There are nice perks to being amongst the famous.

In other news, I have decided that this will be my last year at the fancy gym and that F and I will have an English teaching business as "that couple from New York." This makes every insult and slight I get at the fancy gym more tolerable. It is like an endless Rodney Dangerfield comedy routine where he keeps repeating to the audience, "I don't get no respect." When that clod Ricky told me that I have to wait until five minutes before class time to start setting up even though all the other teachers get a ten minute grace time, I was cool with it. Even though he makes me late, he never helps me to set up the room for my clients and I then have to go hunting around for young men to do all of the heavy lifting at the last minute. Yesterday the fancy gym put a picture of the substitute swim teacher with Eleanor on their facebook page. It was liked by 26 people. Two hours later they thought to put my picture with her up and it got 12 likes. And then today when I taught class on a portion of the stage while a man with a bushy mustache stood on a ladder and painted the room until it was full of fumes and I had a blinding headache, I just smiled. After class, I told him that I expected him to be my silent partner from now on. He was thrilled. Okay he was sort of neutral about it, but secretly I think he was pleased.

This post was brought to you by the number three. 

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