Thursday, September 12, 2013

Italian High School Musical
Yesterday they only went to school for two hours. All of her friends started two days ago, but her school is so hard that they give you a break for two days a year, I guess. She came back afterwards in a black mood saying that none of the kids in her class spoke. Not only didn't they speak to her, but they really didn't speak to each other. Then over the course of the afternoon they all chatted on facebook and she got invited to a class party at a disco two saturdays from now. Somebody even made the comment that they had the best class and were going to have a great year. So although nobody broke into song, I think it looks promising.

The other day at the lake with the girls and their dads.

Today, at the end of the first Latin class, the professor expained that she taught her daughter how to smoke and drink when she was a teenager to make it less fun so that she wouldn't want to do it. They talked about the merits of marijuana and the professor's comment was "Hey, it's better than heroin." So that happened.

The English professor said she was a teacher of English and not an English teacher because that would mean she was English. She spoke only three words of English and the rest of the class was in Italian. At the end of the lesson, she asked if the students had seen her bag. It had two huge cats on it. She said she used to have six cats, but four died in a matter of weeks and now she only has two who are her pride and joy. T thought, cat murderer, cat murderer, cat murderer: bad sign.

1st DAY!

The science teacher did the roll call seven times in total. Two at the beginning and then in the middle you had to respond to your name and answer random questions such as what school you went to before and where you live and then at the end of the lesson they did it again. Twice. So we have to conclude that the Science teacher is working on some weird experiment and using the kids as guinea pigs.

In other news, I am pretty sure that the Latin and Greek dictionaries we are going to have to buy will cost about half a month's rent. Take that, Zac Efron.

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