Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feet, hair, and a normal Saturday in the life

Today we walked half an hour away to a hair salon outside the walls that is popular with teenagers so that we could get T's green hair turned back to chocolate brown. There was a bike race and the roads were closed. She is so edgy and avante garde that the green hair was almost beyond necessary anyway. It took about two and a half hours. Just saying.


 The big difference between an American little dinner amongst friends and an Italian one has got to be the footwear. I mean, obviously, the food is a ton better here, but so is the footwear. I had to prepare my tootsies on the dashboard before we went up to Bianca's house because there is usually a lot of sipping wine while standing in the kitchen to do before one ever gets to see a table. F thought it was hilarious that I stole his toe covers in the car, these little plastic toe blankets he wears routinely to avoid blisters.

This is a Britney Spears moment. I'm like seconds away from shaving my head.

I manage to be lost in Tuscany even when I am in front of the correct door.

I jazzed up the dinner conversation by describing the plot of the movie Adore in broken Italian.

I only had one (and a half) glasses of wine, but I am pretty sure I included sound effects.

My shoes were designed by T on FANCY!

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