Friday, September 20, 2013

I have never watched the tv show Dexter, but now I can say I know what it's like to be in the presence of serial killer. Okay I'm exagerating. But yesterday morning as I was rushing to set up the studio for my class at the fancy gym, I got my foot stuck in the stereo wire. I tripped and the stereo came crashing down. I don't remember if I landed on the floor. I don't know why I don't remember it is just one of those things that happened very quickly and my eyes were closed. There was a huge booming noise when the stereo flipped over. What I do know is that one of my loyal clients asked me if I knew my coworker Lisa. I told her that I do know Lisa and Lisa knows me and that I just said hi to her about five seconds ago. That's weird, she said, because Lisa just kept going about her business and chatting with her clients even when you crashed, as if nothing happened. She works at a shoe store she informed me where they all have each others' backs. I then had to ask my coworker for help to get the stereo to work and when she had no success, she sweetly -insert spooky serial killer music here- offered to go get help from one of the guys. I was so thrown off my game for the whole morning and the little hairs on the back of my neck refused to relax themselves back down. I am sure it is nothing personal.

In other news, T had a new classmate come over and she appreciated my winning sense of humor, our clean house and F's chocolate chip cookies so it was a roaring success even if she came a whole day late, the cookies were not warm, and I spent the day she could not come acting like I had been stood up by a new boyfriend. We LIKE people who like us back, so there.

F is feeling on top of the world because he spoke to a phone operator after our internet service went out and after he surrendered the phone to my friend Francesca, the tech person/phone operator said that his Italian skills were impressive. Now he is impossible to live with and goes around strutting with his chest all out and emanating a certain suave, Italian masculinity. It will pass.

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