Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Artsy baby
Our friend Massimo had an art show and I invited some friends to come and see his amazing paintings. He draws the ink part of the designs with his eyes closed and then colors them in with tempera. I love them. Unfortunately, it was one of those nights where I couldn't speak Italian. When the Italian isn't flowing, I get nervous. I did embarassing things like not know the word for "compagna" which is the polite way to introduce somebody's significant other if they are not married without slighting them in any way, which I did unintentionally. Oops. Also I made this whole weird speech to Massimo's brother's girlfriend about how all of my friend's loved her haircut. Not just that I loved it, which I did. For some reason I felt compelled to exagerate. I'm sure she knew that my friends didn't really weigh in on the issue because, obviously, nobody was really looking at her haircut. We should have been talking about Massimo's paintings anyway, but in actuality we were kind of talking about our hair. My two curly haired friends formed an instant sisterhood and they had to change product names and the phone number of one of their hairdressers. The girl in question had a nice haircut, but I mean it wasn't the main topic of conversation. I bet you're shocked that I can go on and on about nothing when I'm nervous. Sigh.
I know this is the same outfit I wore last night, but I only have like three choices and I was too crunched for time. It turned out too be way too fancy. You can't go wrong with jeans and heels in Lucca, but I haven't found the right skintight ones that all the women here have. But the second thing to know is that when in doubt wear black or beige. And I hate beige.

me and la T

Massimo and the girl with the cool haircut in the foreground.

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