Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Days of Chaos
Monday afternoon I looked up from my strange pretzel position, 
Yeah, right. (See actual photo from previous post.)
to find that I had a room full of very unhappy clients. I then realized, with a little help from my boss Giacomo, that I will have to teach a completely different class two mornings and three afternoons a week than I teach on the weekend or on Tuesday and Thursday nights because the crowd is completely different. I will have to slow down. A lot. In a perfect world I would just teach every night at eight o'clock because that is the fun bunch who can do the exercises and enjoy a difficult workout and my real and, lets face it, silly personality. In the mornings I am more like the nice nurse who makes you do things you don't want to do.

T came home from school fairly miserable about a entrance test/esame d'ingresso that she had taken in Italian grammar. It was frustrating because she knew the answers about four seconds after it was too late to change them. Everybody else, allegedly, was saying that it was easy. But for all we know they could just be pathological liars. Or there is also the possibility that it is easier if it is your native language, but try telling that to T. Also they are making her wait to the end of the week to get it back and she is worried about making a good first impression on everyone.

Jumping back to Sunday, I would just like to say how lucky I am to have found Alessandra, Monica and Giada. Giada had to entertain some relatives that are visiting from France, but the other two stayed after class to have a vegetarian gourmet lunch with me in the fancy gym cafe and then to take me to the fair which caused our car to be towed last Saturday. They have the best senses of humor and really make me feel grounded and keep me lauging at the same time. Towards the end of our meandering and comparison shopping, Alessandra told me she would just drop my gym bag off later in the day because it was still in the trunk of her car. I panicked because my ipod is my life, and, not realizing how far it was from where we had started out, I told her I'd just go get it now. That is when she set off by herself in the rain, striding up a huge hill and came back fifteen minutes later with my very heavy bag, which she carried through the rest of the fair. I told her that she should have told me that I was wrong; and that I didn't realize how far away it was; and that she should, for goodness' sake, let me carry it, at least. But she just shrugged and said she knew that I had a bad sense of direction and that this was what friends do. Adorable. And my aching shoulders are eternally grateful.

Anyway, Tuesday was crazy because after I taught the soft version of the class in the morning, and guided Francesca through the hard version in which we wear weighted ankle bracelets in the afternoon, T came home as miserable as a girl could be. I thought I was so smart ordering her books off this used text book website, but some of the books had to be returned this summer because they had naughty scribbles all over them. And now it turns out that they left off the third Greek book of the trilogy. T wasn't the only one to not have her book with hers as it is heavy and many opted to leave it at home. Those without tried to look on over the shoulders who did have the book. Her professoressa singled T out and announced to everyone that T was a step behind everyone else in the class, which is, you have to admit, a bitch move. While I called my client who has a daughter at the high school, T facebooked a bunch of people she knows and  I repeatedly got a phone message that it was about to be, was, and had been the mid afternoon closing siesta/intervallo from the one book store in the city that carries text books and would I please email them instead. Sending an email to get a response from a bookstore for an emergency order is just a fart in the dark, so we cooked up a plan in which T went on a mad dash with F to her new friend Camilla's house to borrow the book for twenty minutes in which they had to come all the way back home to make copies because the copy store was closed for the intervallo. T gave Camillla some muffins and a heartfelt thanks, and, by some miracle, there was one copy left of the book at the bookstore last night even though by this point in the term it is impossible to buy text books anymore.

"Everyone's so nervous these days. Everyone you talke to seems hysterical. Isn't it true, Snoopy?"

T spent the afternoon agonizing about first impressions and carefully writing the Greek alphabet over and over again and then sorting Greek words which had been translated in Italian, into English in some cases, and then sorting them into their various parts of speech. Today she has a math test and Camilla is coming over which means F and I have to spend the whole morning cleaning and baking cookies.

On night three, I made a new friend, a client of the fancy gym who is also named Francesca. About sixty percent of people here are named Francesca, so that was no surprise. What was a surprise was that I had been transferred into the smaller classroom that is more isolated and has no stage. The 30 magic spheres/rhythmic gymnastic balls  that I am working with and all of the weights were in the other room and Ricky finished his training of two people thirty seconds before I was supposed to start. I got everyone in and ready to go at just five minutes past the hour, but it was a packed room and the new people in the back couldn't see me and I had to yell out the instructions. That said, it all went well, until after class when Luca, the veteran pilates teacher and part owner of the gym, told me that his thirteen clients had signed a petition to have my evening class moved to another night. This would take away all the fun and chance I have to succeed at the gym because symmetry is important in Italy. People who come on Tuesdays do so because they will also come on Thursdays. If you come Mondays then you might come also on Wednesday and Fridays, but never two days in a row. Tuesdays and Fridays would never work and all my young people go partying on Friday nights and are too busy doing their hair to exercise. I would roll over for Luca, who I love, for most things, but not this. I was nice, but firm about not wanting to move and we said we would agree amicably to let Giacomo decide. Oh shit. We'll see. Is it really only Wednesday???

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