Monday, August 12, 2013

Trendy time

Yesterday we went to the hipster with a capital HIP neighborhood of Shoreditch where we found out that there is such a thing as a PG 15 rating for movies in England and even if certain parents beg and plead to allow their 13 year old daughter to be allowed to see a movie with foul language and drug activity their money will be turned away like it has cooties on it by two law abiding innocents with no common sense who together have been on the planet for few years than I. Hence the absence of Bling Ring --which we have missed in two countries so far and are trying for three.

We also had a snootie chick wearing a 75 pound (money not weight) Frieda Kahlo necklace made entirely out of sculpted plastic tell me that I could not say that buying the ring I was considering was a "definite possibility" because it was an oxymoron. I wanted to tell her that she was a super moron and that the customer is always right, but I didn't because I am kind and sweet and I was also in shock that I could get snubbed in not just romance speaking languages, but also English speaking ones. Lesson learned: I don't fit in anywhere. Lesson two: they don't make good bagels in their famous beigel store which I should have known since their famous offering is salt beef. Yuck.

We forgot to get coffee and we all crashed and burned, but before we did --here's the stuff we saw:

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